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Mian Naveed Aslam

Chief Executive Officer

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The purpose of Our Company is to provide high quality fitness facilities and practices which are approved and endorsed by the contemporary research regarding health, exercise, healthy life style, diet, nutrition and overall fitness. We aspire to change the traditional mind set and expired practices in the domains of gym, cardio, strength, weight loss, weight gain, muscle and body building. Our aim to promote the basic purpose to be fit is:
Health body keeps healthy mind
The practices we observe are evident in what goes as a routine at German Fitness and Sports. These include
• Ensuring quality customer services regarding equipment, training and our products.
• Clear policy of membership enrolment and providing our members with complete and up-to-date guidance and support ranks high in our customer care department.
• Honesty and mannerism are essentials to be a part of our team. We offer fair, progressive and healthy work environment to our staff.
We focus on promoting the importance of being fit and healthy among our nation and globally. Our basic purpose is to inculcate in our people a medicine free life where the key to be healthy is not tablets and syrups but physical workout and healthy eating habits. Ever since the start of German fitness and Sports in 2004, I have always been working on the provision of quality fitness to my people but I know there has always been much room for improvement. My aim is to excel in the all-round fitness services available here. The key is to work hard innovatively and progressively. I am sure that the new administration will make it possible for me to achieve my goals. I am looking forward to German Center as going to be an ideal place where all solutions relating fitness and healthy life are available under one roof.
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Mian Naveed Aslam, CEO.

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